ASフーズ カップゼリー ピーチ

Bourbon mini Silvaine [Kyoto station square underground shopping center Porta]

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Silvaine has become small, cute and easy to eat, while maintaining its deliciousness.
An assortment of soft baked vanilla cakes with vanilla cream and mild cocoa cakes with vanilla cream sandwiched.
Enjoy two flavors of assorted chocolate cake.

name bourbon mini sylvaine
Internal capacity 151g
raw materials Sugar, wheat flour, liquid whole egg, vegetable oil, cacao mass, whole milk powder, shortening, edible processed oil, cocoa butter, isomerized liquid sugar, liquor, sweetened skimmed condensed milk, cocoa powder, dried egg yolk (including eggs), starch syrup, reduced Starch syrup, creaming powder (contains milk ingredients), cream (contains milk ingredients), lactose, salt/sorbitol, alcohol, emulsifier (derived from soybeans), fragrance (derived from milk), leavening agent, coloring (annatto, turmeric) < Cocoa> sugar, liquid whole egg, wheat flour, vegetable oil, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, shortening, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, edible processed oil, isomerized liquid sugar, liquor, maltose, sweetened condensed skim milk, hazelnut paste, reduced starch syrup, creaming Powder (contains milk components), cream (contains milk components), lactose, spices, salt/sorbitol, alcohol, emulsifier (derived from soybeans), leavening agent, fragrance (derived from milk), coloring (annatto, turmeric)
Allergy information milk, egg, wheat, soy
expiry date 8/20/2022
Seller Bourbon Co., Ltd. 1-3-1 Ekimae, Kashiwazaki City, Niigata Prefecture