KitKat Mini Whole High Cacao + 11 pieces [Nescafe Harajuku]

KitKat Mini Whole High Cacao + 11 pieces [Nescafe Harajuku]

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Cacao nibs, which have a distinctive crunchy texture, are kneaded into the rich, gorgeously sour chocolate made from 72% cacao. You can fully enjoy the deliciousness of cacao brought by these two ingredients. Cacao nibs are roasted and finely ground cacao beans, which are popular as a superfood. It has a nut-like texture, and if you eat it as is, you can enjoy the bitterness and aroma similar to the original cacao bean.

name semi-chocolate sweets
Internal capacity 14 pieces
Preservation method Store in a cool place below 28℃, avoiding high humidity.
raw materials Cacao mass (foreign or domestic production), sugar, wheat flour, cocoa butter, lactose, cocoa powder, vegetable oil, cacao nibs, whole milk powder, yeast/emulsifier, baking soda, yeast food, flavoring, (some include wheat, milk ingredients, soybeans) including)
Allergy information This product uses the same equipment as products containing eggs, almonds, and sesame.
expiration date 2023/9/30
remarks The surface of this product may turn white after it becomes soft at high temperatures and then cools and hardens. This is a product in which the oil and fat have been separated, and although the flavor is inferior, it does not affect the body when eaten.
Manufacturer Nestlé Japan Co., Ltd. 7-1-15 Miyukidori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City