Seno! Fruit mix 14 days [Celeo Kofu]

Seno! Fruit mix 14 days [Celeo Kofu]

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You can easily take in the calcium equivalent to a glass of milk (200ml) with 3 tablets a day.

Furthermore, you can also replenish the attention-grabbing ingredients bonepep, iron, and vitamin D at the same time.
Recommended for children who don't like milk or those who are concerned about nutritional imbalances.
*Calculated from the Japanese Food Standard Composition Table (8th edition)

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name supplement
Internal capacity 42g
raw materials Erythritol (manufactured in Japan), xylooligosaccharide, egg yolk protein hydrolyzate/shellfish calcium, acidulant, fragrance, calcium stearate, HPC, fine silicon dioxide, emulsifier, ferric pyrophosphate, sweetener (acesulfame K, aspartame/L) -Phenylalanine compound), vitamin D, (contains some eggs and soybeans)
Allergy information

*This product is manufactured in the same equipment as products containing milk, which are specified raw materials.

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