*Expiration date *Canelette Strawberry [Naha Airport Before U Go]

*Expiration date *Canelette Strawberry [Naha Airport Before U Go]

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For canelette
"Strawberry" flavor now available!

strawberry fondant

The rum-scented canelette is covered in strawberry fondant, and the sourness of the strawberry spreads as soon as you eat it. It goes well with the scent of lamb, which is the characteristic of the base of canelette, and you can enjoy the rich flavor.

Canelé texture with crispy outside and chewy inside!

You can enjoy the crispy texture unique to canelés at first bite, and the chewy two-layered texture on the inside.

Long shelf life

Unlike canelés, which can last for only a few days, these canelés last for 10 months, so even those who are curious about canelés can easily try them.

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name Western sweets
Internal capacity 40g
raw materials Sugar (domestic production), starch syrup, caramel sauce, gelatin, edible oils and fats, rum, whole eggs, foods whose main ingredients include milk, coffee powder, dextrin, strawberry /modified starch, coloring agents (caramel, anthocyanin), fragrances , acidulant, emulsifier, stabilizer (polysaccharide thickener), (contains eggs, milk ingredients, soybeans, and gelatin)
Allergy information

Allergens contained in raw materials (out of 28 items): Eggs, milk, soybeans, gelatin

expiration date

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