Let's start food loss in 2023 [New Year Special SDGs Campaign]

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Hello everyone 🤗

Did you have a good rest on new year's day?

Okisugi eats too much rice cakes and New Year's dishes in order not to lose money, and is in a hurry to go on a diet.

This time, it will be an announcement of the campaign! !

・ Date: January 6 (Friday) ~ (ends as soon as sold out)
・ Target: Sold in some BOX
・ Sales price: 50 yen
・ Target products: The following two items

①KOIKEYA STRONG Potato Chips Black Pepper Lemon Chicken
​(Expiration date: January 21, 2011 List price: 140 yen)
The chewy potato chips, the rich taste of beef and chicken, and the scent of aromatic vegetables and spices will stimulate your appetite and relieve stress with a multi-layered taste!

Target product ①

②Delicious low-salt squid
(Expiration date: January 23, 2011 List price: 165 yen)
Delicious and 30% less salt. It is a squid fried with the same deliciousness as a long-selling product with a crunchy texture that will leave you wanting more.

Target product②

Would you like to have a snack with leftover alcohol on new year's day?

Let's start 2023 with food loss! !

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