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Food loss is food that is normally edible but is thrown away.

It's important to say that it's "naturally edible".

Of course, things that are thrown away after the expiry date and leftover food are also a problem, but it is a waste if they are thrown away even though the expiration date has not expired. It is a problem that must be solved while people are said to be suffering from hunger.

In Japan, food loss is said to be 6 million tons per year.

It is said that each Japanese person throws away a bowl of rice every day.

Sure, it's a waste, but how do you solve that? That's important, isn't it 😆

"Let's eat without leaving any leftovers" is only a solution for Japan.

Rather than trying to reduce food loss to zero, I think we can fix the food imbalance by directly giving food loss to people who want to eat it.

The solution that Minatoku is aiming for is also to change it into "money that can solve the food loss of the earth by utilizing food loss"😆

That's why we avoid lowering the brand value of the product itself and causing inconvenience to our customers by blindly selling food waste at a low price or breaking the rules for distribution.

We would like you to conveniently purchase and enjoy eating only food loss that is safe and can be eaten with peace of mind.

Please help us to expand our services in the future! 😆

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