Vending machines are a proud culture of Japan! ?

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Everyone, do you know how many familiar and convenient vending machines are in Japan? ? 😗

It seems to be more than 2 million units! !

That's amazing! ! 🤔

By the way, only beverages such as PET bottles and cans are 2 million units.

180,000 mailboxes!

50,000 convenience stores!

When you think about it, it's a great amount... 🤔

Indeed, walking down the street,

"Oh, I can't find a vending machine at all!"

Vending machines are such an infrastructure in Japan, but what about overseas?

America: 2.97 million units

Europe: 3 million units

China: 200,000 units

Southeast Asia, Oceania: 200,000 units

It seems . .

Well, if you think about the population ratio, it's scary, Japan is a vending machine powerhouse😋

But that's right.

There are a lot of drinks and money inside.

Japan doesn't try to destroy and steal money...

fuubo's goal is to expand overseas😋

First of all, we will devise ways to make it convenient and enjoyable to use in various places in Japan.


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